A Dutiful Boy: A Discussion with Mohsin Zaidi


6:00 pm - 7:00 pm

A joint event by ChBA, COMBAR, TECBAR and Allen & Overy.

The London barrister and author of memoir A Dutiful Boy, Mohsin Zaidi, will be joining us for a conversation.

Mohsin’s book focuses on his experiences growing up gay in a strict Muslim household as well as addressing themes of race, class and mental health.  A Dutiful Boy, named in the Guardian and GQ Magazine’s Best Books of 2020, is a coming of age memoir about Mohsin Zaidi’s life. Mohsin grew up in east London in a devout Muslim household in which being gay would be inconceivable. A young closeted Mohsin attended an inner city school where violence was a fact of life and his drive led him to become the first person from his school to attend Oxford University. At university, he was able to be his true self but when confronted by his father, he was invited to be ‘cured’ by a witch doctor.

Mohsin will discuss his battle with shame and the long journey to acceptance him and his family faced, overcoming religious and cultural barriers in the process.

This session will be available live via Zoom and will be recorded for future viewing.

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