TECBAR Committee Election

10 Jun 2022

After a hiatus due to Covid, it is once again time for the TECBAR Committee elections.  The following officer positions will become vacant and nominations are invited: Chair, Vice-Chair and Treasurer, TECBAR Bar Council Representative.  In addition, the following positions as committee members will be available (2 x under 7 years call and 3 x 7+ years call).
As you will see from the Nomination Form, please identify which roles you are nominating or proposing someone for and sign and have someone else second the nomination.  Ideally, one form per nomination and electronically is fine and return to jstephens@4pumpcourt.com
If anyone has any questions about the Committee and what any role entails, by all means drop the secretary a line at jstephens@4pumpcourt.com.  It is very worthwhile.
Best of luck to anyone standing.