TECBAR Adjudication Training Day – March 2024


10:00 am - 5:00 pm

BOOKING IS NOW CLOSED for the upcoming Adjudicator Training day on Monday 25 March 2024.  If you wish to be added to a waiting list in case places become available on 25 March please email admin@tecbar.org with the subject line “Adjudicator Training Waiting List”.   Venue and date for a repeat of the training day due to take place in the autumn will be finalised shortly.

The March 2024 training will be held at Gatehouse Chambers in Gray’s Inn from 10am – 5pm.

The topics to be covered are:

  • Being an Adjudicator
  • Cognitive Biases and Fairness
  • Serving our Client Industry
  • Nomination and Before the Referral
  • Referral, Directions and Managing the Process
  • Getting to the answer and the Decision
  • After The Decision
  • General Q&A and Discussion
  • Perspective from the Bench
  • Keynote sessions from TCC Judges

TECBAR trainers at each event will be drawn from: Alexander Nissen KC, Kim Franklin KC, Martin Bowdery KC, Isabel Hitching KC, Calum Lamont KC, Andrew Kearney

External trainers include: Matt Molloy (MCMS), Jonathan Cope (MCMS), Nik Tait (Laing O’Rourke), Paul Sills (Arbitra)


TECBAR Adjudication panel

TECBAR has a panel of accredited Adjudicators.  This is publicly available at  https://tecbar.org/adr/adjudication/.  Membership of the panel is subject to review by and approval of the TECBAR Committee.

Panel membership criteria are periodically reconsidered, and notice will be given of any intended changes effective from no earlier than the second half of 2025.  In the meantime the Committee wants to encourage and facilitate panel membership for all members.

From January 2024 there will be two routes to inclusion on the panel:

  • Existing panel members may stay on the panel provided they carry out appropriate CPD.
  • New applicants may apply to join the panel, subject to completion of appropriate training to act as Adjudicator.

As above, TECBAR will be providing training in 2024 as one means by which members may satisfy the CPD requirement and/or apply for inclusion on the panel.  All TECBAR members are welcome to attend, irrespective of current or planned panel membership.

Existing Panel Members

Existing panel members may stay on the panel, but will be subject to a requirement that they plan, carry out and record appropriate CPD which is relevant to acting as Adjudicator.  It is expected that most practising Adjudicators or those wishing to practise as Adjudicator will already be on the Established Practitioner Programme and will already be including such CPD in their annual plans.  Those who are not on the EPP should adopt the EPP for this purpose.

The BSB Guidance states:

“CPD is work undertaken over and above your normal commitments as a barrister. CPD is undertaken with a view to developing your skills, knowledge and professional standards in areas relevant to your present or proposed area of practice. This is in order to keep yourself up to date and maintain the highest standards of professional practice.”

TECBAR does not prescribe the CPD which must be carried out by panel members, but panel members’ CPD should be reviewed and planned, recorded and reflected upon on an individual basis as set out in the existing BSB Guidance and in the same manner as other CPD.

Panel members may in future be required to make an annual declaration and/or to demonstrate compliance if requested.

Attendance at either of this year’s TECBAR’s Adjudicator Training in 2024 will be considered to satisfy the relevant CPD requirement and is encouraged.

New Applicants

TECBAR members may apply for membership of the panel, subject to satisfactory completion of the TECBAR Adjudicator Training (or an equivalent from another provider) and the TECBAR Dispute Resolution Appointments Application Form.

Thereafter they should comply with the CPD requirement applicable to Existing Panel Members.